Copper cups with handhold for Sale

Copper utensils are among the products that have been very popular all along, from ancient times until now, and are always among the Iranian table. The use of copper utensils, in addition to the beauty it gives to the table, also has many properties. Zanjan copper cup code 002 is the work of skilled artists in this profession. The payment for these handicrafts is hammering. The color inside the copper cup is silver and the color outside is copper. Due to the color of the copper body, we can easily set it with other copper utensils and not have to worry about the utensils not being set. For more information about copper cups with handhold, visit our site.

Copper cups with handhold for Sale

The specifications of copper cups with handhold

The specifications of copper cups with handhold This glass is made completely by hand and with the hammering of Zanjan handicrafts masters, which doubles the beauty of this product. The effect of copper utensils on the health of drinking water: In ancient times, drinking water was stored in copper containers, but these days, everyone uses plastic bottles of mineral water.

The question is, can this metal have a positive effect on water? Old sources claim that this is the case. It is recommended that water be stored in a copper container for at least 8 hours before consumption. The ancients used to fill the copper vessel with water before going to bed and drink it the next day fasting.

– Copper dish kills some harmful microorganisms in the water. Especially the microorganisms that cause diarrhea. Water stored in copper containers can minimize inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to helping the digestion process, it prevents acidity.Copper has long been used to make utensils due to its malleability and malleability. The heat spreads well in the copper utensils, which makes the food tastier and so-called fit; Of course, there are conflicting opinions about the benefits of these dishes. It may be best not to use these dishes to cook all meals and to limit their use to a few times a week. To prevent large amounts of copper from entering the food during cooking, the inside of the copper dish is bleached using tin; Also, do not cook acidic or sour foods in these dishes as much as possible; Because it destroys the tin coating.

To wash these dishes, it is better to wash them by hand and avoid putting them in the dishwasher. For more information about copper cups with handhold price, visit our site.

Purchase copper cups with handhold

Purchase copper cups with handhold copper cups with handhold manufacturers are of high quality and the affordable price of this product has caused it to be exported even to other countries, so you can refer to our site for more information about Purchase copper cups with handhold.

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